How Much Does Window Cleaning in Allen Cost?

You might consider window cleaning a part of your routine cleaning tasks, and maybe a yearly cleaning for the outdoor windows, as long as you remember…and you have all the tools…and you actually remember to do it.

But did you realize that professional window cleaning from Discount Window Services is not only beneficial for your home, but also surprisingly affordable?

Don’t assume that window cleaning is outside your budget, regardless of the size of your home. Most professionals are willing to work with you to settle on a price and services that work for both of you.

Based on the rates of several different companies, we’ve put together some basic guidelines for pricing your residential window cleaning. Your location may dictate the rates that local companies are able to charge, but these prices are fairly accurate across the country.

A little later on, we’ll go over a few other things that can affect the cost of your service.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

It costs anywhere from $150 to $350 for most homes to have their windows professionally cleaned. The company you choose may use any of the following to estimate your total:

  • By the window – If your window cleaner charges by the window, you can expect to pay between $10-15 per window.
  • By the pane – For double and triple pane windows, the average cost is $4-8 per pane.
  • By the hour – A flat fee of $40-75 per hour may be assessed, encouraging your window cleaner to work quickly while still providing good results.

Your window cleaner may use any of the above methods for calculating your price, but in general, all three will result in around the same price.

What is Included in Window Cleaning Costs?

You may be curious as to what is actually included in your window cleaning service. You can always negotiate the contract to make it fit your budget.

Most window cleaners include the following in their pricing:

All windows and glass doors – Your estimate will include all the windows in your home (inside and out) unless you specify that certain ones should not be included. This is an area where you can negotiate with the company to stay within your budget.

Product – You should not be charged extra fees for the amount of window cleaning product they use. This should be calculated in your estimate as a part of the service.

Normal cleaning conditions – Window cleaners expect that they will have to use a ladder to reach certain windows. As long as they do not consider a situation risky, you will not be charged extra for cleaning of hard-to-reach windows.

There are a few things that will increase your overall estimate, though.

Screen cleaning – Some screens require specific chemicals to clean them without removing their coatings. Removing the screens to clean them, then the cleaning process itself, can cost up to $10 per screen in addition to window cleaning.

Dangerous conditions – If the window cleaner deems a situation more dangerous than normal, like if they must climb onto the roof to reach a particular window, this may result in additional fees.

Tracks and sills – Cleaning these window parts may or may not be covered in your estimate. Double check before you agree to anything on the spot.

Factors that Affect Window Cleaning Pricing

Physical factors that affect the cost of your service include the following:

Number of panes or windows – Depending on how your estimate is figured, the number of surfaces to be cleaned is the most important factor in determining price. Even if windows are joined by trim, they are considered separate windows because of that trim. Double and triple pane windows are more time-consuming to clean and, therefore, cost more than single panes.

Size of each window – As expected, larger windows cost more than smaller ones.

Type of windows – Unique shapes such as bay windows increase the price of your service as well.

Removal and replacement of screens – Even if you opt not to have your screens cleaned, they still must be removed and replaced in order to effectively clean the windows. You can save money by removing the screens yourself before the window cleaner comes, but make sure you research the type you have if you are planning to clean them yourself to prevent any damage.

Height of the home – One- and two-story homes are usually no problem, but third floor windows (and above) can add up to $5 per window to your estimate.

These are all the factors your professional window cleaner will figure in when determining the cost of your service. Other considerations are listed here:

How dirty the windows currently are – If your windows are extremely dirty, you may be charged extra upon your initial cleaning. If you choose to use the same company in the future, the price may drop for subsequent window cleanings.

Time since their last cleaning – Certain details need to be taken care of periodically. If it has been a while since your last window cleaning, the sills, tracks and frames will all probably need to be cleaned, in addition to the glass itself.

If this is a one-time service or one of several – Check to see if the window cleaning company offers packages of multiple services. This could be several services within certain time frame, say one year, or it might be an agreement for annual window cleaning. Although you may pay a little more for the package, you’ll get a better rate and more frequent window cleanings.

The cost can definitely be intimidating. Your home already requires so much maintenance and care. Adding an additional yearly service (or more frequently if you choose), the price needs to be justified by the benefits it offers.

Professional window cleaning in Allen can extend the life of your windows by years. Not only that, but they can vastly improve the appearance of your home, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.