How to Keep Windows Cleaner Longer

cleaning windows with squeegee

Windows are such a crucial part of your home. They take up a significant amount of the exterior, and they let gorgeous natural sunlight into your home. Keeping them clean is just one way to ensure your windows will look good – and won’t need to be replaced! – for years to come. 

Cleaning windows yourself is tedious and sometimes dangerous, but if you don’t want to pay a window cleaning service, you really don’t have another choice. 

The cost of professional window cleaning may scare you away. At $10-15 per window, the price adds up quickly, but the results are worth it if you just want to have it done every year or two, then do the in-between cleaning yourself. 

Tips to Keep Your Windows Clean

Whether you’ve donated your own elbow grease or paid someone else to clean your windows inside and out, you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to maintain the clean as long as possible. 

Here are a few of our best tips for extending a thorough window cleaning. 

Interior Windows

Inside your home, you can probably reach all the windows easily. Cleaning them isn’t too much of a chore, but anything you can do to keep them looking good longer will save you time for other household chores. 

  • Change the filters in your HVAC system – The filters are meant to remove dust and particles from the air. If they aren’t changed regularly, those particles will settle anywhere, even the glass of your interior windows. (Hint: If you are finding it necessary to dust more than usual, this could also be the problem!)

  • Run the hood vent over the stove when cooking – Again, this tool has a very specific job. Running this vent directs grease, smoke and small food particles up through ducts and outside of your home, reducing cooking odors and keeping your home cooler as well. Today’s models run quietly, so there really isn’t a disadvantage to using your stove’s hood vent.

  • Don’t burn candles near the windows – There is much debate about the safety of burning candles indoors due to the unknown ingredients in the candles and wicks.  Candles emit smoke and wax into the air as they burn, and especially when they are extinguished. To reduce the risk of residue sticking to your windows, burn candles in central areas of your home.

  • Don’t smoke inside – Second-hand smoke isn’t just dangerous for bystanders. It can also cling to your walls, ceiling and windows. Some smokers choose to step outside to smoke so their homes don’t trap the odor. This practice will also keep your windows from developing a dingy film. 

Exterior Windows

The outside of your windows is a little harder to keep clean because you can’t control all the factors that they are up against. But there are a few things you can do. 

  • Only leave screens on windows you open – Screens take away from the beauty of your windows, so while they may be necessary on some windows, you can leave them off windows that stay closed year round. You can also take the screens off all windows during the winter so pollen and dust can’t get trapped between the screen and the glass.

  • Move your grill away from the windows – Grilling produces the same residue as indoor cooking. The great thing about outdoor cooking is that you don’t have to worry about venting the smoke, but you do have to think about where you place your BBQ grill. Distance the grill far enough away from your home so the smoke can’t cling to your windows and the heat from the grill can’t damage your home.

  • Avoid water getting on the windows – Obviously can’t stop rain from getting on your exterior windows, but you can protect them a little by directing the sprinklers away from your home so they are not perpetually wet. Constant moisture will damage the windows and make it impossible to get rid of spots and streaks. You can also add awnings to your exterior windows to reduce the amount of rain that can get to the windows.

  • Keep landscaping a reasonable distance away from windows – Plants and trees release pollen, and they capture a surprisingly large about of dirt. All these particles are blown around the outside of your home and land on the next closest thing, which shouldn’t be your windows or walls! Dirty windows will turn muddy in a hurry when exposed to humidity, precipitation, or condensation. 

More Helpful Window Cleaning Tips

As you follow these practices, you’ll notice that your windows look great and don’t need to be cleaned quite so often. You may be able to reduce your window cleaning schedule from monthly to every other month by following these tips and tricks. 

Here are a few more things you can do to keep them sparkling: 

  • Don’t use paper towels or newspapers. Although these products seem to work well, they are abrasive and can damage your windows over time. (And who really has newspapers lying around anymore anyway?) Use a soft microfiber cloth instead. Microfiber is very gentle, and it won’t leave anything behind.

  • Better yet, skip the wiping altogether. Purchase a silicone or rubber squeegee and use it for cleaning your interior windows instead of repeatedly wiping the same areas over and over (while missing other completely!). Just spray your cleaner lightly over the glass, then slide the squeegee top to bottom in long strokes for a streak-free finish.

  • Use a good quality cleaner. Whether you choose homemade cleaners or store-bought ones, make sure the solution is specifically designed for windows. All-purpose cleaners are not meant for glass, and they won’t leave you with the results you want, meaning you’ll be cleaning those windows again very soon. 

These simple practices will make the most of your periodic deep cleanings. 

Once your windows are sparkling clean, a quick wipe every few weeks will keep them looking great. Professional window cleaning from Discount Window Services isn’t always necessary, but it is a great way to intensify a top-to-bottom household cleaning. Give us a call for that little extra sparkle!

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