Why Do Windows Get Dirty?

rain on window

Besides being a way to see the world outside, windows protect your home from weather and allow nature to become a part of your home’s aesthetic. Despite how gorgeous the views are from your home, they will always only be as beautiful as the windows you are looking through.

Although you never really touch them, don’t have pets or small children, and keep an immaculate home, your windows can still appear dirty. This not only ruins your views of the outdoors, but it can cause a wide array of household problems.

Keep your windows clean with a window cleaning service in Allen in order to avoid these issues and get the most from your beautiful views. In addition, you can learn how your windows get dirty in the first place and avoid these things if possible.

Reasons Home Windows Get Dirty

If you don’t have anything or anyone obviously dirtying your windows, consider these environmental factors that may be contributing to your windows’ cleanliness on the inside and the outside.

Rain on Windows

Rain itself isn’t actually dirty, but it can carry particles that get on your windows when the rain comes in contact. Acid rain is more common in the U.S. than most people realize, and while this acidity doesn’t melt statues and burn human skin like in the movies, it can stain glass and leave a residue on windows.

When rain hits the ground, small amounts of mud can splash onto lower windows. Debris on the screen, as well as dirt, dust and pollen from nearby trees and plants can also take a ride on rain drops and make it to your windows that way.

Grease on Windows

Steam from cooking often carries small food particles with it, so when a delicious aroma is floating around your home, so are particles from that dinner. Windows will show this evidence very easily, becoming cloudy and slick to the touch.

An outdoor fire or grilling may have the same effect on the outside of your windows, so make sure both sides are thoroughly cleaned.

Particles in the Air

Where you live can have a big effect on the condition of your windows. The types of roads you live near, along with the volume of traffic, can make your windows, roof and home exterior very dirty. Dirt roads may seem obviously worse to live near, but city streets can release just as many particles into the air.

Mowing grass is a necessity, but it could be another cause for dirty windows. Lawn mowers disturb both pollen and dirt, throwing these substances into the air in large amounts at times.

Particles in Ground Water

Other than rain, your windows may come into contact with water if you spray them with a hose occasionally to knock off visible dust or pollen. But this can have the reverse effect if you have hard water.

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, both of which are perfectly healthy to consume. However, they leave behind stains or film on glass windows and other surfaces (dishes, clothing, bathtub) when the water dries. As tempting as it may be, avoid spraying your windows to clean them.

How to Clean Dirty Windows

That’s right, cleaning your windows the wrong way – or with the wrong products – can actually make them look dirty again very quickly.

Using too much cleaner is one mistake homeowners sometimes make. A little goes a long way! You should never use paper products to clean your windows, as they can leave visible pieces behind. Also, look for non-fiber cleaning liquids. These products don’t create as much static on your windows, so they won’t attract small particles.

Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

Window cleaning is hard work, and it’s even harder to get really good results. Why spend your time cleaning windows when the results probably won’t even be close to what a pro can do? We highly recommend professional window cleaning because of the value it can add to your home and the protection it can offer.

Your service will provide all of the following benefits:

Free Inspection – A professional window cleaner will be able to spot potential problems as fast as any handyman, and they can tip you off about these issues so you can take care of it before it becomes a big deal.

Removes Insects – In the process of cleaning your windows, a professional team will eliminate all types of insects from your windows, including spiders and their webs, stinky ladybugs and stinging insect hives and nests.

Extends the Life of the Windows – Proper window cleaning techniques are proven to lengthen the life of residential windows. This means that in the long run, paying for window cleaning will save you money on the purchase of new windows before their expected lifespan is up.

Uses Powerful Products – Even if you wanted to get your hands on commercial window cleaning products, you probably couldn’t. That isn’t just that Windex they are using, after all! These products can be dangerous if not used properly, and they would be a huge investment for a homeowner who wouldn’t be using them regularly.

Discourages Static Buildup – This is very important, and arguably the strongest argument for hiring a professional window cleaner for your home. Some cleaning products (including many familiar commercial brands) create static energy on your windows which will actually draw in more particles.

This means that as particles float on the air or are carried by rain, your windows will actually attract the dirt, grease or pollen more quickly than before, so they’ll look dirty soon after cleaning! Discount Window Services knows how to avoid this static energy to keep your windows cleaner longer.

These benefits are just for standard windows, not to mention specialty windows such as storm windows, triple pane windows, stained glass or tinted windows, and windows with unusual shapes like round or bay windows.

Most window cleaning companies will recommend yearly cleaning, but depending on your home’s location and your personal preferences, you can have these services done more or less often.

Trust a professional window cleaner for results that you can only dream about!

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